Sunday, December 04, 2005

College Athletics

Poor Grades Aside, Athletes Get Into College on a $399 Diploma

Tracking down such violators is only treating the symptoms of an underlying problem: that college and athletics should be separated. This was an interesting proposal I heard from an interesting teacher, Mignonne (I'm sorry if I'm spelling it wrong), who taught the Africana Studies course I took in my first semester at UA. In some ways, it makes a lot of sense: the interests of college athletics and the rest of the university don't really line up. If we separated them, people could still do both, but they wouldn't be forced to the way they are now. There wouldn't be the huge pressure to overcommit, to do two things which are both full-time occupations. I'm not saying that education and athleticism can't complement each other (excercising both the brain and the body can be synergistic), but letting someone slide through higher education so they can be a jock and bring in money for the school doesn't do well for the college's academic standards, nor does it give the athlete a good education.

ps. The spell-checker doesn't think "overcommit" is a word - it's perfectly cromulent, isn't it?

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