Monday, November 28, 2005

Not quite homesickness...

... but I get this sad longing feeling when I see pictures like this:

Piaw's Blog: My favorite view of Mountain View.

If I'd lived there long enough, or had some connection enough, to call Silicon Valley home, I would just call this feeling homesickness. I guess it gets back to the issue of what home means. I hope I get to like Seattle this much... although I'm skeptical to the point of apprehension and even, sometimes, dread.

Funny, I just went back and read that journal again... and I was homesick for Hawaii, noting that I didn't have the same sort of feelings about [the Bay Area then]. Now I sort of only go back to Hawaii for the beach and the hiking and such. Part II of that journal defined home as a reference point, not necessarily and ideal. I think I've changed my mind since: it's the place I feel most a part of, the place I fit in best - and not 'fit in' in the sense of making myself conform; quite the opposite: the place where I can be myself most completely and be comfortable and happy and integrated that way. It makes more and more sense why the greeters (and other participants) at Burning Man say "welcome home," even if you've never been there before.


Blogger Piaw Na said...

Strangely enough, I never felt homesickness (not even after moving halfway around the world) until I moved to Seattle for graduate school. As you know, I learnt very quickly to hate Seattle's sprawl (though Redmond/Kirkland isn't as bad is what I'm hearing), but when I visited the Bay Area one spring break I found myself riding so much that I injured my knee.

11/29/2005 9:30 AM  

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