Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Low-Tech Solutions

I once heard (from Alma, I believe) that 95% of security failures are for non-technical reasons, such as executives not wanting to type long passwords and just telling them to low-level techies, and despite this, security researchers devote all their time to the other 5%. Sometimes it's also a matter of not seeing the forest for the trees. Those safes whose locks won't open even if they're shot do no good if the side panels are thin enough to get through with a small hammer.

In the computer world, this is the equivalent of a case where some company had a super-secure bunch of software running on an enclosed server and thought there was no way anyone could break in and get the data on it, only to have a couple of hackers attach a simple magnetic field detector to the wires leading to it and read the unencrypted signal that way. Here's today's example of missing the simple solution:



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