Monday, March 06, 2006

Way too easy...

Today, I wrote my first bit of JScript/JavaScript/ECMAScript. It looked something like this:

alert("squee! " + i)

The first thing I noticed was that IE completely freaked out when I went to run this. I repeatedly had to accept dialogues that effectively said "HELP! SOMEONE IS TRYING TO DESTROY ME AND BRING DOWN MY COMPANY WITH BAD PR BY MALICIOUSLY EXPOSING SECURITY HOLES!" I guess it's better that it do this than just go right ahead and run whatever the script says... as admin.

But, that aside, note that with just a few tiny lines, I can make an arbitrary number of windows pop up. It's frighteningly easy to be evil in JavaScript. I guess this was what happened when the web started to boom: lots of people went "hey, look what I can do!" and just did it, without any regard to whether it was useful or terribly annoying. Most of the web is still really annoying and not very useful.

Clearly, I just need to write my own browser that doesn't support any operations I find annoying (like blinkytext). Or I could probably find an extension to Firefox that already does this.


Blogger Adam said...

Hey, I like ... ah forget it. I had a funny comment about blinkytext, but apparently, there are certain HTML tags that you just can't use in a blogger comment. Drat.

3/07/2006 4:54 PM  

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