Sunday, March 26, 2006

Making things that are really nice

I don't know about you, but I'd rather have something that's a little late and is really nice than something that's on time but you keep getting the feeling that it's just not quite what it could have been when you use it:

Microsoft's Not So Happy Family

I think they should be commended for standing up for doing it right, late or not, rather than making the deadline and delivering something not quite right to millions of users. In fact, I wish there were a lot more emphasis on doing things right rather than meeting arbitrary deadlines. It's like going to a coffee shop, and having this...

Customer: "I'd like a latte."
Waiter: "Yes, sir, I'll have it for you in four minutes."
Customer: "Okay, that's fine."
*four minutes pass*
Waiter, running up: "Here you go! Right on time!"
Customer: "This is just black coffee."
Waiter: "Yes, but it's right on time! If I'd put the milk in, it would have been late."
C: "Late according to what? This isn't what I wanted."
W: "But I had to have it to you in time!"
C: "Why? If I knew I was just going to get black coffee, I wouldn't have ordered from here. Why do you care so much about getting *something* to me in four minutes?"
W: "We suspect our competitors are working on a way to get a latte to you that fast."

But that's just my two cents, from the bottom ranks. Oh, and I should add the disclaimer that I'm in a really awful mood. So please just find this amusing and don't take it too seriously.

Oh, and I don't like lattes. It's a drink that can't decide if it's milk-flavored coffee or coffee-flavored milk.


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