Sunday, October 09, 2005


Pretty much everybody has heard I'm a fan of Google, but it is important, as Al Franken puts it, to love things like an adult - seeing its flaws, willing to help it grow - rather than like a child, who loves blindly, never seeing fault.

This is one case where I must point out a divergence between Google-say and Google-do: they keep saying they don't focus on what the competition is doing, yet their index size stayed the same for quite some time (not sure how long, but at least since the end of spring when I started paying attention)... til right after Yahoo's announcement of a bigger index size came out. Lo and behold, a few weeks later, they announce a bigger index size.

Now, maybe this shouldn't be taken badly - I mean, competition should, as the basic idea of capitalism goes, be good for both businesses and consumers. Maybe this should just be looked on as Google being motivated by competition to help its users... that doesn't sound too bad.


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