Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Better batteries

My dad has been saying as long as I can remember that somebody needs to come up with better battery technology... looks like they're starting to:


Escaping the tangle of wires is good. Think of what you could do with really good batteries... if you had a battery that lasted long enough in its purpose (months, say), you could have stations in rural area for things like signal repetition and only have to stop by a couple times a year (or less) to recharge them. In places with unreliable distribution networks and low power needs, people could just run off batteries. It'd be great for camping. Now, granted, it's not as convenient (like taking a propane tank in to be filled rather than just having gas lines), but there are plenty of situations where running lines isn't practical or desirable. Anything mobile that you can't really attach lines to... like cars, for instance :-) If you had a battery with enough capacity and short enough recharge time, electric cars would be a fine idea.

At any rate, yay for new toys... especially new energy technology.


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